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    Find the Right Garden Shed at Any Price Point

    Find the Right Garden Shed at Any Price Point

    By Ana Farrell
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    Are you tired of pawing through your cramped basement every time you need to find a particular lawn or garden tool, or is your garage so full that you’d like to be able to park in it again without running into the lawn mower? If you feel like you're constantly at a loss when it comes to finding extra space for your outdoor home equipment, it may be time to invest in a garden shed.

    These handy home helpers add a little extra square footage of storage space where you need it most and can even help you create the hobby hut of your dreams right in your own side yard. Whether you’re ready to assemble a quick DIY option or you’re looking for something glam and ready to go, we’ve got a list of great picks you’ll love at every price point.

    What to Consider Before You Buy

    Outdoor sheds come in a variety of different materials and configurations, and it’s important to understand the functionality and benefits of each to determine the shed that’s right for your backyard situation. Consider the following elements as you start your research:

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    Size: Not only should you take the length and width of the shed into consideration, but you should also note the structure’s finished height. Make sure that you have enough room to comfortably move around inside and that it's tall enough to hold any tools you may want to store. If you’re not too worried about being able to stand up and walk around in the shed, this may be less of a concern — but it still needs to fit what you’re planning to store. You'll also want to keep the size of your yard and the shed’s footprint in mind. If your yard is on the smaller side, mark out the perimeter of the shed you like to determine how much space it takes up. This helps you better visualize and plan for the structure.

    Intended Purpose: From workshops to pet houses to hobby spaces, sheds can serve a variety of purposes beyond storage alone. Making sure you're clear on how you intend to use your new shed goes a long way in helping you make the right choice. For example, if you’re planning to spend time in the shed working on craft projects, windows that let in natural light might be a must-have feature so you can see what you’re doing.

    Materials:Consider the long-term viability of the materials used in the shed you select. Although outdoor storage sheds are designed to, well, stay outdoors, different materials can still perform better in different climates. Wood, for example, is likely to last longer in sunnier, drier climates than wet ones. A metal shed, on the other hand, can get hot quickly, so it may not be ideal if you plan to work inside it and live in a warmer climate. Resin and wood sheds also stand up better to impacts — they’re less likely to dent — so they tend to last longer in windy areas.

    Planning Ahead: Before you invest in a new shed, consider both what you need right now and what you might want in the future. While a certain shed may be the perfect fit at the moment, is there a possibility that your needs will outgrow it in the coming years? Take into account things like sporting equipment, bikes and lawn tools you intend to purchase later when making your choice — if you’re thinking of getting a riding mower down the road, a shed that only fits your current push mower might not be the best option.

    Under $500 - Durable Option for DIYers

    Longing for a little extra storage room that won't break the bank? The vidaXL metal storage shed is a top contender for your consideration. For an affordable, DIY-friendly price, the shed provides roughly the same amount of storage space as a large walk-in closet; it measures about 6 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 6 feet tall.

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    The shed’s front wall features two vents for improved humidity and heat control inside the structure, and the double sliding doors provide easy access to every nook and cranny — not that there are too many — where you’ve tucked things away. Galvanized steel for added durability means this shed is also less likely to incur damage from extreme weather conditions, and rusting is virtually a non-issue.

    Under $500 - Lots of Space for a Low Cost

    If you're looking for a nice and roomy — but still budget-friendly — shed, then Arrow's Arlington steel shed is a great option. For less than $500, you can enjoy 440 cubic feet of space contained inside a space-saving 10-foot by 8-foot perimeter. And with a door that’s 55 inches wide, you can easily turn this shed into a mini garage for your ride-on lawn mower; with that much room, you can drive right into it. Unlike some other shed designs, the doors on the Arlington slide open instead of swinging in or out, which is more convenient when you’re moving items around or into the structure.

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    The walls of this shed are made from electro-galvanized steel to resist corrosion, and the roof is also reinforced for added protection against falling debris and wilder weather. Although this is a build-it-yourself shed that comes in a kit, everything is pre-cut to size and pre-drilled for easy insertion of all the necessary hardware.

    $2,000+ - Beauty and Function in One

    Leisure Season's Cedar Gable Shed measures in at a perfectly proportioned 7 feet wide and 7 feet deep and is a gorgeous addition to any backyard. While this cabin-style shed doesn’t feature the same charming windows as other options on this list, that might be a good thing — it safely conceals whatever you choose to store in it without giving away what’s inside. This shed doesn’t come pre-built, but it does come with all the necessary hardware and pre-cut materials you require to put it together (with a buddy’s help, per manufacturer recommendations).

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    Once you're done building this model, however, you'll have a rustic spot for storing lawn and gardening tools, pool equipment, sporting goods or whatever else you might need to pop inside to free up some space around your home. If you’re looking for a shed to suit a smaller yard but still want something that retains a little country charm, this Leisure Season design is a great option — and one that’ll satisfy any DIY inklings you might have.